Website still frozen…but, a small update

So, one of the things that we are talking about adding to the project is an FTP server for file and data storage, along with an asterisk PBX (SIP Phone) server to allow people to make calls across the network to other users. Both of these features will require manual registration from users and will be slowly rolled out after we finally get our hands on a good raspberrypi to run on the tower.

Of course, these new service will each come with their own policies which will be written up and reviewed by our project staff later on down the road. One of the core things to know, is that with the SIP phone server, all calls will be recorded and to avoid network congestion, all calls will be limited to twenty minutes per call. But that is all still to be written up.

The main thing that is holding up this part of the project is getting our hands on a raspberrypi or orangepi board that has an ethernet connection and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to ship to canada….

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