It has been a while…

It seems to have been a month or so since I have posted any updates, and there are a few reasons for that.

First off, a couple of storms back managed to damage the plastic toolbox that served as the electronics cabinet, thus a few parts of the system got wet from rain and have heavy oxidizing on their boards, and as such, they will need replacing somewhere down the road. They are not to be considered reliable components anymore.

Second, the battery that was being used to keep the system alive and going, has failed due to an internally shorted cell. I don’t have the resources at the moment to replace this part because other projects are stressing my budget.

Lastly, I got back into ham radio. HF digital operation to be precise, and that has been eating away at my free time. No shame about it, it happens.

At some point, I will get this project back online and working again. But it will probably just end up operating out of my backyard with some help from the neighbour to do testing. I loaned the kiddo a PC and AP. So, I do need to get the system fixed so that he can use it. Sadly, I don’t think the local township had much of an interest in a public research network….

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