Audit Policy

Last updated: 05/10/19

Because we operate a public network, there could be times in which we need to work with and allow authorities to audit the network and its users for any suspected wrong doings. The HHN take all steps requested by law enforcement and other authorities to ensure that they are able to inspect, record and check network traffic when conducting an investigation of any network user. We reserve the right to fully cooperate with the proper authorities.

Purpose of Audits

To help keep the network and its users safe and operable, audits may be conducted by law enforcement and other authorities in order to:
• Detect and resolves cases of copyright infringement, illegal activities, and similar occurrences.
• Investigate possible network bottlenecks to assist in planning out future upgrades and/or network node changes.
• Monitor user, network or system activity where appropriate.

Scope of Audits

Hardware wise, this policy covers all computer, network and communication devices directly connected to the HHN’s research network equipment. This policy also covers the checking of user data routed through HHN equipment where required and needed to assist law enforcement and other authorities when they are conducting an investigation.

This policy’s scope is limited to hardware deployed by the HHN Project itself. Law enforcement seeking to audit a specific user’s equipment should contact that user directly, as we only retain control over our owned equipment.

How are Audits Conducted

The HHN expects requesting authorities to bring their own equipment and experts in the field to conduct their requested audits. When such an authority contacts us, we will provide them with access to our network switches so that they may observe traffic passing through the node they wish to inspect. We only provide bare network access, and as such, it is expected that law enforcement and other authorities should come prepared to capture the data and/or information they are seeking. The HHN cannot and will not provide the equipment to do audits, we only provide switch level access to our network sites.

Any law enforcement or other authorities accessing our equipment in order to perform an audit are expected to hold the HHN and the project staff not liable for any evidence of wrong doing that they may collect. The network that we provide is simply a data transport system and the users of the network are responsible for the data they generate and transport across the network. We cannot and will not be held accountable for data created, transported, ect. from users of the network.

How Does This Affect Me As a User?

As a network user, you should be aware that no communications conducted on the HHN’s research network are considered private. Every single packet that any network connected device generates is to be considered readable by any other user, including but not limited to: law enforcement agencies, HHN staff, townhall, and other users.

When someone is conducting an audit of the network, they may view traffic including but not limited to:

  • User level and/or system level access to any computing, networking or communications device maintained by the HHN Project.
  • Access to information that is being transmitted through or stored on HHN equipment.
  • Any user’s HTTP/internet access traffic.
  • VOIP/SIP logs conducted via HHN equipment where applicable.

Agencies Requesting Audit Access

Any law enforcement or local governing body that wishes to request access to HHN equipment to perform an audit should send an email to

Please include the name of your agency, your full name, badge number and department number if applicable, a return email address, a return postal mail address and a short letter detailing what times you will need access to our network and what kind of investigation you are performing.

Because this project is a hobby, the audit email does not get checked continuously. Please allow up to two days for a response from the project before issuing another request. If you need immediate access, please call or text Greggory (Project Chairman) at 705 388 1911. If I do not answer, I could be at work, please leave a voicemail. We believe we have made reasonable efforts to make network traffic accessible to investigation officers and agencies with this policy.