Current Project Issues

On this page we will do our best to describe any issues affecting the project internally or affecting the project’s official equipment. If you see something you think you can help with, please use the contact us form to reach out to us.

05/09/19, We have done a few test in town. If we had a few more radios and the places to install them, we could reach a point of providing a usable network. We tested a link from Lion’s Lookout to Fresh Co and were able to obtain roughly 32Mbps connection speed with two trees in our way, this looks pretty promising for research use! I will be relaying this to townhall to follow up with them and see where we should take the project from here. Also, the website will be otherwise frozen for a few days while some of our officers review and cleanup various parts of the website.

04/25/19, Everything is functional and has been for over a week or so now. The camera functions as intended (except for when I confuse it with too many commands) and the power system has been upgraded to a 12 volt marine battery and we have not seen any down time, even with the past several days being cloudy. The frame for the current field unit will need to be rebuilt into something more pleasing to the eye and a built sturdier, but that can come in time.

As of 04/08/2019, we are still working to resolve issues in the power system. The LM7805 has been located on a bigger heatsink, solving the random resets. However, the battery system is still proving to be too small to fully power the system for more than a few hours of no sun. Need to look into a better battery for long term use. We also moved to a bigger solar panel, 50 watts, due to our 25 watt panel not producing its claimed output.

As of 03/23/2019, we are currently having issues in pretesting in which it appears our power system is not able to perform as expected. We believe this has to do with the fact that in testing, the solar panel doesn’t receive full sun all day long. However, if it continues to be a problem, a better power system will have to be produced before we continue onward. UPDATE, 03/25: The DC-to-AC power inverter has been dropped from use and the project rewired accordingly. The power issue still needs to be tested, but right off that battery currents were much lower. However, there is some concern over the L7805CV that is stepping the battery voltage down to a level the camera can use, seems to be getting a bit on the hot side.