Before you access the research network or place services onto the network, we ask that put information about your setup into our registry. This helps our network users discover new resources, publish resources, known which mesh network IP addresses are used where, helps us see how many people are actively using the network and provides the project with an email address should we ever need to contact you.


NAME: John
INFO: Resources on node, such as cameras or servers

Add your information to the project's registry!

When registering your node with our registry, be as in depth as possible about your setup. We would like to know the approximate location of the name, the node name, your first name and last initial, a contact email to reach you with, the IP generated and used by your node, as well as the services provided by your node.

Note, you can make multiple entries for different nodes if you desire. We just ask the everyone does their best effort to document the network additions you provide.
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