Official Project Resources

What Is This Page For

The project will list the resources that it officially provides here. Only resources listed here are officially provided by us. All other resources should be treated as other network users.

UBNT NanoStation LOCO M2

This is the main access point for the network. It has an IP address of and has been put in place as the beginning of the research network. The SSID is “HUNTSVILLEHOBBYNET” and we operate on channel six with a bandwidth of 20MHz. The host name of this node is “Greggory-WX-Node” and it provides a small chat service at “http://greggory-wx-node:8080/meshchat/”

Anyone is welcome to try to connect if they have the correct equipment to do such, as you will need a radio capable of running the AREDN firmware. Please make sure that use the correct SSID, channel and bandwidth settings.

DLink DCS-2670L

This is the project’s official weather camera. It has an IP address of and has four public access accounts running on it.

hobbynet1 – network | hobbynet2 – network | hobbynet3 – network | hobbynet4 – network

Video feed may be accessed using VLC Media Player and the stream link: ”